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Getting out of our everyday lives provides one-of-a-kind perspective. 


9 Lessons in 9 Countries That Changed My Life

Before launching VegNews in 2000 and immersing myself as a full-time professional vegan, I lived another kind of life (read my story here!). ...

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Meet my go-to smoothie when I need a hearty dose of greens.  

Healthy-Vegan-Feel-Good-Green Smoothie-1

Feel-Good Green Smoothie

Sometimes, I start my day with a chocolate smoothie (have you tried my Black Forest Smoothie yet?). But other times, I want something really ...

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This rich, citrusy coconut soup will transport to Thailand.  


Thai Coconut Tom Kha Soup

Before starting VegNews, I was very fortunate to have spent a lot of time in Asia (read my story here!). I lived in Japan, backpacked through ...

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Colorful veggies, fluffy quinoa, and a creamy dressing await. 


Mediterranean Salad Bowl

Bowls make the perfect meal and are so easy to pull together with whatever grains and vegetables you have on hand—plus a homemade creamy ...

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This velvety chocolate spread is absolutely heavenly.


Healthy Vegan Nutella

I love chocolate in all its wonderful forms, but there’s something magical about the pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts. That would explain ...

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