The City of Light has become a bonafide wellness destination.


The 5 Best Healthy Vegan Spots in Paris

Paris is a city of contrasts. It’s celebrated for its decadent (and increasingly vegan-friendly) food and wine culture, but the French capital is also a haven for those who prefer pursuits with a less-indulgent, more wellness-oriented twist. From juice bars and yoga hotels to 100-percent vegan natural food stores and women-only pampering spots, there’s something for everyone! To zero in on the best of the best, I met up with Aurelia d’Andrea of Vegan Epicure Travel to discover which destinations should be at the top of every healthy traveler’s trip to Paris. Spoiler alert: guests on our 2022 Food Lover’s Tour of Paris got to experience two of these spots in real life! 

Colleen & Aurelia's 5 Best Healthy Vegan Spots in Paris

  1. Wild & The Moon
    What began as a single superfood cafe in the Marais district has exploded into a city-wide phenomenon dedicated exclusively to healthy vegan food and drink! It’s part cool café and part juice bar, with an eclectic menu featuring all-day breakfast (think sprouted granola with homemade almond milk and omega bowls brimming with tropical fruit, nuts, seeds, and toasted buckwheat), vibrant meal-in-a-bowl salads, gluten-free sandwiches (including an amazing jackfruit banh mi)—plus smoothies, juices, and lattes blended with fresh nut milks. I love their acai bowl topped with seasonal fruit, homemade granola, and maple syrup.
  2. Abattoir Vegetal 
    The name, which translates to “plant-based butcher,” might lead you to think this restaurant (with two locations, one on each side of the river Seine) is heavy on fake meats. Au contraire! Abattoir Vegetal is actually a healthy vegan bistro with a menu that takes its inspiration from plants, not animals (though the original restaurant in picturesque Montmartre was a butcher shop in a previous life). The menu is a delight for the senses, with amped-up visual appeal thanks to edible flowers and colorful fresh produce, and bright flavors to match. The menu also features an entire wellness latte section (try the beetroot latte with almond milk), plus Japanese teas and locally made kombucha. 
  3. HOY
    It’s the ultimate wellness trifecta: a luxe hotel, plant-based restaurant, and yoga studio all rolled into one! Rooms at HOY are kitted out with vegan toiletries, purified water, and other in-room perks like yoga mats and exercise bars. Seriously! On-site restaurant Mesa turns out incredible vegan plates, from Purple Corn Pancakes with yacon syrup to Harissa Tamales with cactus-pistachio salsa. Perhaps best of all is the location on a fabulous shopping street, a short walk to Montmartre and its cobbled lanes and towering white basilica. If pared-down luxury with a side of yoga and gourmet plant-based food is your cup of tea, you’ll love this place.
  4. Naturalia Vegan
    Imagine entering your favorite natural food store and discovering that every item, from the puff pastry and chocolate bars to the dish soap and dog food, is vegan. That wonderful feeling happens each time you walk into Naturalia Vegan, a 100-percent, plant-based offshoot of national health-food chain Naturalia. There are now three locations scattered around Paris and a fourth just outside the city limits, and what they all have in common is an incredible selection of everyday necessities for every aspect of your fabulous vegan life—in Paris! I always gravitate toward the bulk medjool dates and almonds, and anything and everything made with cacao.
  5. Les Cent Ciels
    If you’ve never had the good fortune of soaking up the steamy ambiance of a North African-style hammam, the City of Light is an amazing place to try out this traditional pampering experience. At Les Cent Ciels in the trendy 11th arrondissement, you’re given a fluffy robe, flip flops, and a secure spot in the changing room for your clothes, and then you’re invited to put on your swimsuit and chill out in an expansive, ultra-zen steam room. When you’ve had your fill of the heat, take a dip in the cool lap pool to feel instantly revitalized. Sipping a cup of peppermint tea in the relaxing lounge is a post-steam ritual that feels luxurious. And did I mention that it’s the absolute best cure for jetlag?

Photos by Abbatoir Vegetal