Want healthy vegan snacks? Here are some of the best!


8 Packaged Vegan Snacks That Are Actually Healthy

All vegan snacks are not created equal. Consider that Oreos, potato chips, and Cracker Jacks are all technically vegan—the same category ...

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Healthy vegan treats do exist ... and they deliver.


12 Healthy Vegan Treats That Can Be Delivered to Your Door

April is one of my favorite months, for myriad reasons: spring is officially in full swing, the days are longer and sunnier, and sundresses are ...

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It's always a good time to break out the (vegan) bubbly.


The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Champagne


Sometimes, a good mood is something you can cultivate.


How to Transform Your Mood in 8 Simple Ways

Imagine waking up each and every morning and embracing the full potential that the new day has to offer. Most of the time, I spring out of bed ...

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Frozen fruit is the secret to great smoothies, but which are the best?


The 10 Best Frozen Fruits for Smoothies

A staple in my freezer, frozen fruit is the key to delicious, frosty smoothies. When I start to get low, I feel a little nervous and immediately ...

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