The City of Light has become a bonafide wellness destination.


The 5 Best Healthy Vegan Restaurants in Paris

Paris is a city of contrasts. It’s celebrated for its decadent (and increasingly vegan-friendly) food and wine culture, but the French ...

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A vegan wellness getaway tops my travel bucket list.


The 11 Best Vegan Wellness Vacation Destinations

After one very long, very unusual year, I’ve decided that it's time to treat myself to something special. Not just any splurge, but one of ...

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Time away from your normal life can bring many rewards.


Why Going on a Retreat Can Change Your Life

After more than a year of pandemic-related uncertainty, we’re finally getting the go-ahead to reemerge from our isolated cocoons and engage ...

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Want healthy vegan snacks? Here are some of the best!


8 Packaged Vegan Snacks That Are Actually Healthy

All vegan snacks are not created equal. Consider that Oreos, potato chips, and Cracker Jacks are all technically vegan—the same category ...

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Healthy vegan treats do exist ... and they deliver.


12 Healthy Vegan Treats That Can Be Delivered to Your Door

April is one of my favorite months, for myriad reasons: spring is officially in full swing, the days are longer and sunnier, and sundresses are ...

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