Sometimes, a good mood is something you can cultivate.


How to Transform Your Mood in 8 Simple Ways

Imagine waking up each and every morning and embracing the full potential that the new day has to offer. Most of the time, I spring out of bed ...

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Frozen fruit is the secret to great smoothies, but which are the best?


The 10 Best Frozen Fruits for Smoothies

A staple in my freezer, frozen fruit is the key to delicious, frosty smoothies. When I start to get low, I feel a little nervous and immediately ...

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You're already fabulous, but here's a little inspo for even more.


10 Ways to Be a Fabulous Healthy Vegan

December has to be the best month of this year. For starters, the end of 2020 is within view! I, for one, cannot wait to flip the page on the ...

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Body love!

Pure, silky coconut oil has become my beauty care secret weapon.


9 Surprising Ways to Use Coconut Oil

In recent years, coconut oil has become a culinary sensation. Hailed as a healthy fat, it’s being used for everything from sautéeing ...

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Turn to ancient wisdom for a healthy, modern life.


10 Ayurvedic Principles I Live By

If there’s something most of us can agree on—especially in 2020—it’s that life can sometimes feel overwhelming. We live in ...

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