Disconnecting from our devices can have healthy benefits.


Try The Ultimate Health Cleanse With A Digital Detox

Every now and again, the unthinkable happens: I’m rushing out the door and, in my haste, I forget to grab my phone. As soon as the reality ...

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A look inside the Korean Vegan's inspired fridge.


What’s In Your Fridge, Joanne Lee Molinaro?

Joanne Lee Molinaro might not be a household name (yet), but if you’re a food-loving vegan, odds are good you’ve heard of her under ...

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From green tea to coffee to chai, let's talk all-things caffeine.  


Caffeine—Love It or Lose It?

I’m that rare breed of human who doesn’t drink coffee. No Americanos, no espressos, no cappuccinos. In fact, I never even had caffeine ...

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Feel great!

Want to feel your best? Follow these tips to kickstart your healthy life.


8 Ways to Jumpstart a Healthy Life

We all want to be healthy and feel the best we possibly can. We want to ward off disease and live rich, full lives. But, according to the ...

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The City of Light has become a bonafide wellness destination.


The 5 Best Healthy Vegan Spots in Paris

Paris is a city of contrasts. It’s celebrated for its decadent (and increasingly vegan-friendly) food and wine culture, but the French ...

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