A nutritious bowl filled to the brim with all-things green.


Glorious Greens Bowl

We all have those days when we need our greens—lots of them. So I created this bowl full of all of my favorite greens, plus a creamy, ...

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These vibrant, superfood dressings will be the star of any dish.

Healthy-Vegan-Superfood-Vegan-Caesar Dressings-6

Superfood Vegan Caesar Dressings


All you need to know about this magnificent, magical plant.


My Love Affair with Ceremonial Cacao

Last year, desperately needing to recharge my batteries and reconnect my mind, body, and spirit, I took a gamble and signed up for a women’s ...

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Dreamy ice cream that's healthy enough for breakfast? Here you go!


Luscious Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

Hmmmm… coconut. Coconut makes everything better, as it’s rich, creamy, nutty, and nourishing. I use coconut milk, coconut water, and ...

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These all-raw wraps filled with taco meat feature a surprise ingredient. 


Mexican Collard Wraps with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

While I eat fairly simply, I still love rich, flavorful food. Lots of depth, a variety of texture, and the perfect amount of seasoning. While this ...

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