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Artisanal Chocolate Truffles

I am obsessed with the sprouted nut truffles from Los Angeles chocolatier Hnina Gourmet. They make me so happy!

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BPA-Free Glass Storage Containers

Durable, glass containers—and leak-proof to boot—make our vegan meal prep a breeze!

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CBD Gummy Bears + Wellness Products

Manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia with CBDfx' gummy bears and tinctures. Their CBD melatonin gummies are the best!

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Ceremonial Cacao Delivery

Pure ceremonial cacao delivered straight to my door? My superfood hot cocoa awaits!

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Ceremonial Cacao Discs

Melt these cacao discs with vegan milk, maple syrup, and spices for a good-for-you morning boost.

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Chocolate Coconut Truffles

One of my favorite ways to eat chocolate, I love these rich, velvety, handmade truffles. And they're raw!

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Clean Dish Soap

I love all-things Mrs. Meyer's and always have a bottle of the dish soap in my kitchen. Bonus: pretty packaging!

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Copper Pan Set

I adore my copper pans and see them as a one-time investment that I'll enjoy for the rest of my life. They make cooking so much more pleasurable!

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Cuisinart Food Processor

I got my first Cuisinart right out of college and have never looked back. It's the king of food processors!

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Gorgeous Italian Dishware

I love these rustic, Italian dishes, and my family kindly gifts me a few pieces every birthday.

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Instant Matcha Latte

Whether you're on the road or simply in need of a boost, this instant matcha latte is heavenly!

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Instant Vegan Latte Mix

Creamy superfood lattes are essential for busy days. So there's just one question: chai, coffee, matcha, or golden?

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