Transform your weekend into a dreamy, DIY wellness retreat.


7 Vegan Staycation Ideas During Quarantine

Thinking back to March of 2020, I have to laugh at my optimism. I was fairly confident COVID-19 would unfold just like any other seasonal bug; it ...

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A good night’s sleep boosts mood, energy, and brain power.


6 Tips for Great Sleep in Our Imperfect Lives

There aren’t a lot of positive things to say about COVID-19. For most of us, it has negatively impacted our lives in one way or another, ...

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All you need to know about this magnificent, magical plant.


My Love Affair with Ceremonial Cacao

Last year, desperately needing to recharge my batteries and reconnect my mind, body, and spirit, I took a gamble and signed up for a women’s ...

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Relax ...

This single hour sets the stage for the entire next day.


The Second Most Important Hour of the Day


This critical hour sets the tone for your entire day.


The Most Important Hour of the Day

For so many, our day begins like this. An blaring alarm clock jolts us awake at an early hour, and we wave our hands in the dark to hit the snooze ...

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