Heather Golden Ray & Jenny Engel

Vegan Women Who Inspire Me: Heather Golden Ray & Jenny Engel

Ever since they co-founded Spork Foods more than a dozen years ago, LA-based sisters Heather Golden Ray and Jenny Engel have been sharing their ...

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Escape to this vegan-friendly seaside city in Sunny SoCal.


The Healthy Vegan Guide to Laguna Beach

If sunshine, sea views, and a year-round dress code of flip-flops and shorts sounds like your definition of Paradise, the artsy coastal oasis of ...

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Disconnecting from our devices can have healthy benefits.


Try The Ultimate Health Cleanse With A Digital Detox

Every now and again, the unthinkable happens: I’m rushing out the door and, in my haste, I forget to grab my phone. As soon as the reality ...

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A look inside the Korean Vegan's inspired fridge.


What’s In Your Fridge, Joanne Lee Molinaro?

Joanne Lee Molinaro might not be a household name (yet), but if you’re a food-loving vegan, odds are good you’ve heard of her under ...

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From green tea to coffee to chai, let's talk all-things caffeine.  


Caffeine—Love It or Lose It?

I’m that rare breed of human who doesn’t drink coffee. No Americanos, no espressos, no cappuccinos. In fact, I never even had caffeine ...

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