There's a reason this ancient leafy green is a healthy vegan favorite.


25 Ways to Use Kale 

What did vegans do before kale?! The ubiquitous leafy green is such an integral part of my own life that I can hardly imagine what I ate before ...

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Not all vegan sweeteners are created equal.


The Healthy Vegan Guide to Sugar

Sugar: in some ways it seems so innocuous; after all, it comes from plants, and yet it is villainized in contemporary wellness circles, blamed for ...

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Perfume can lift your spirits, help you relax, and make you smell amazing.


What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

In the hills surrounding the southern French city of Grasse, also known as the Perfume Capital of the World, the air is imbued with the ...

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San Francisco shines as a haven for healthy living.


The Healthy Vegan Guide to San Francisco

Anyone who lives in San Francisco for more than a minute inevitably develops an appreciation for great food, but after 20 years, you practically ...

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Keep these in regular rotation for optimal wellness.


The Top 20 Healthiest Vegetables

One of the greatest joys of my three-decades-long vegan journey has been exploring the vast and delicious world of vegetables. The sheer variety ...

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