You're already fabulous, but here's a little inspo for even more.


10 Ways to Be a Fabulous Healthy Vegan

Back in 2020, the team at VegNews published The VegNews Guide To Being A Fabulous Vegan. This collaboration with our über-talented cohort, Jasmin Singer, was such a joy to embark upon, because it allowed me to revisit all the fun and healthy ways we can all live our most fabulous vegan life imaginable.

Being a fabulous healthy vegan is equal parts state of mind and taking action, and if you're new to the lifestyle, one pleasant surprise is that it's easier than you might think. Here are my top 10 strategies pulled straight from the book's pages on how to unleash your inner fabulous vegan and shine your light out into the world.

  1. Practice kindness
    At its core, veganism is about compassion, and the easiest way to embody compassion is by being kind. Be generous with your kindness toward family, friends, neighbors, strangers, animals, and especially to yourself! When your actions are in alignment with your values, you can’t help but feel fabulous!
  2. Do things that bring you joy every single day
    It’s a simple part of the Fabulous Vegan manifesto, but many of us have trouble with this one: making space for things that lift us up and make us feel great, without guilt or internal conflict. Setting aside time to nourish your spirit—whether treating yourself to a yoga class or some vegan froyo soft-serve—will pay off in dividends. I promise!
  3. Have a rockstar morning routine
    Creating morning rituals that set us up for all-day success is one of the secrets to being a fabulous vegan. Rising with the sun (not a jarring alarm!), taking a moment to cultivate feelings of gratitude, and eating a healthy breakfast are just a few of the ways to set the stage for an amazing day.
  4. Have a rockstar evening routine
    What would a fabulous morning routine be without a fabulous evening routine preceding it? Being mindful of how you spend the hour before bedtime can mean the difference between waking up groggy and tired or raring to go with oodles of energy. Put away your devices, sip herbal tea, read a magazine, and prepare for an incredible tomorrow!
  5. Listen to your (fabulous) body
    Trusting your instincts is an acquired skill, but with practice, it becomes second nature. When you’re tired, instead of reaching for caffeine, take a catnap! If you’re feeling sad, instead of brushing those feelings aside, allow yourself to feel and move through them. Honoring your rhythms, moods, and feelings will make you feel fabulous, inside and out.
  6. Prioritize quality sleep
    Here’s a tried-and-true tip from one fabulous vegan to another: quality sleep is everything! Science shows that when we get our 40 winks, our bodies hit the virtual reset button, helping us think more clearly, reducing stress, boosting our moods, and even staving off illness. What could be more fabulous than that? 
  7. Eat fresh, homemade food
    The occasional fast-casual meal is a convenient treat, but nothing nourishes our bodies the way homemade soup or a warm vegetable + grain bowl does. Choosing vitality is as easy as learning to cook, and that’s pretty fabulous. For recipe inspo, check out Healthy Vegan’s curated collection of delectable recipes.
  8. Move your body in a way that feels good
    Dancing is just one activity that brings immense joy to my life. It releases endorphins for a feel-good buzz, keeps my cardiovascular system in tip-top shape, and connects me with my sensual side—all necessary components of being a fabulous vegan. Whenever possible, take your movement outdoors! Nature has a way of enhancing its already powerful benefits.
  9. Indulge in foods you love—in moderation!
    My love of chocolate is an undeniable reality, and I honor that love by allowing myself a bit of the dark stuff every day. Deprivation, I’ve discovered, can lead to obsession, and there’s nothing fabulous about that! The key is to enjoy those indulgences with intention. Make a ritual of your morning cacao, or your afternoon date with a fresh-baked cookie. Healthy relationships with food is key to being a fabulous vegan!
  10. Support the vegan community
    Being a fabulous vegan means being part of a larger community of like-minded people, businesses, and nonprofits, each working to make the world a better place. Supporting vegan enterprises makes you and the recipient feel good, and there are so many ways to approach it! Giving a year-end donation, buying gift cards, or tipping generously are just a few fabulous ways to spread the vegan love.